Update on the life.

Hello all! I hope you are doing well! So much has been happening in my life that I feel like I could write a book about the past month alone. A lot happens in a girl’s life after she graduates from college.

For one, I have been busy finding people to partner with me as I join a missions organization called Campus Crusade for Christ a.k.a. Cru. (Don’t worry guys, this is not a post asking you for money)

Because Cru is a non-profit organization and I am planning on working with them starting in August, I have to raise all of my funds! It’s a full time job raising support. But through this, I have seen God’s hand like never before. It’s amazing how when you surrender all your doors to God, He opens up the ones He wants to with complete ease.

It’s incredibly encouraging watching people get excited over what I will be doing with my job. I was a little wary asking people for money, but now I see it as a way for God to work in people’s hearts. After all, money is one of the things that can completely hinder our trust in God. By giving, God seems to bless those people with peace and ultimately allow them to trust Him more. I could just go on and on about how wonderful it’s all been, but I won’t.

There are other things happening in my life too y’know.

I actually just got back from San Antonio to watch my baby cousin graduate high school.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 10.31.56 PM

Can you believe she’s engaged to be married?

My parents and I visited a beautiful mission while we were there and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. My first thought upon arriving was “This is just like Les Miserables!” Of course, when you imagine yourself in a book, the world looks a little more adventurous. Leave it to me to find a book reference for a historical landmark. But I mean, really. Just look at it.









It’s hard to imagine people living in or around these places. Isn’t it funny how many people have lived before us? And yet we often think of ourselves as the most important thing to ever hit Earth! Ha! I guess the only thing to live for that lasts is God.

One of my favorite things to do on a trip is to visit a location at random. Sometimes, I’ll just pick up my bags and go walking around the neighborhood. I think I learned it from my parents because they randomly decided to stop at a garden. A BEAUTIFUL garden. And it started raining! I think walking in gardens while it’s raining is my new favorite activity.









What is a visit to San Antonio without visiting The Alamo?


Luckily for us, it was still raining! Doesn’t everything look 1,000,000 times better in the rain? Unless of course if it rains every day, then it can get boring. As for me, I never see rain and have learned to greatly appreciate it.





On the way back to El Paso, I was thinking about how blessed I am to not dread going back home. I am thankful that not only do I have a job after graduation, but three jobs! And not only three jobs, but three jobs I absolutely love! Lucky me! This is going to be a good life. I can tell.

Let me know how you all are doing in the comment section below.

Have a delightful day 🙂


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