Touring my Hometown: Downtown El Paso

This week, I had a day off (well, really 2 days off) and spent some time walking around downtown El Paso with my grandpa.

I can now tell you where all of the bars and brothels were in the 1950’s.

Also, are we sure that downtown El Paso isn’t still full of bars and brothels? From the looks of some of the places, sketchy things are going down there.


IMG_5009 IMG_5020 IMG_5023 IMG_5031 IMG_5035 IMG_5036 IMG_5037 IMG_5040  IMG_5043 IMG_5045 IMG_5049 IMG_5050 IMG_5051 IMG_5052 IMG_5058 IMG_5060 IMG_5066 IMG_5067 IMG_5068  IMG_5074 IMG_5075  IMG_5080 IMG_5082 IMG_5088 IMG_5089

What do you think?