Touring Hollywood

If you’ve never acted like a total tourist in Hollywood, I’d recommend it.

Though I’ve been to Hollywood/Beverly Hills quite a few times, this was my first time going on one of those tour buses to see where all the celebrities hang out. I was incredibly embarrassed at first, but I must admit that it was very informative. After I got over myself and realized nobody cared that I was a tourist, it became way more fun. Oh, and we didn’t see any celebrities. However, I did see Hannah Hart at TopMan! That counts as something, right?

Also, this was my first time since middle school that I went to the Chinese Theatre. It was nice, but way too crowded. I was reminded of Dwight from The Office when he says, “There’s too many people on this planet. We need another plague.”

Anyways, it was a swell time and you better believe I snapped a whole lot of pictures.

Had to get a close-up of this guy laughing at our tour bus.


And hey! I uploaded a new video!

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