Tokyo, Japan | Shopping and Shibuya Crossing

We’ve made it to the end. I think Japan will always hold a special place in my heart as being the first place I ever traveled alone. I learned so much about myself and had a lot of time to contemplate the complexities of life.

My final day in Japan was specifically set aside for shopping. Everyone told me to save my money for Tokyo because there are a lot of stores and cheap clothing. Unfortunately for me, by the last day, I was broke. Not such a good time for shopping.

However, I started my day going to a cat cafe with a girl from my hostel. I cannot remember her name at all, but we had a fun time. There are many cat (and other types of animal) cafes in Korea, but I have yet to visit any of them.

The cat cafe was the perfect way to spend my morning. After the craziness of the past week, it was nice to be in a cozy room with a bunch of cats. But I also felt like cat cafes are just like being in someone’s home. I paid $10 for a 30-minute session. This included a drink. I still enjoyed it though, and it even made me consider getting a cat. If you own a cat, every day can be “cat cafe” day!

img_4764 img_4767 img_4768 img_4772

The cats were also BEAUTIFUL. In the cafe, there are also specific cats you can pet and those that are off-limits. Even cats need a break from humans.

After the cafe, the girl from my hostel and I ate lunch at an underground supermarket. She was amazed at the craziness of it. I also thought it was cool, but there are similar markets in Korea. We also saw this statue that is supposedly famous.


After lunch, we split up. Though I was already in Shibuya, near the famous Shibuya crossing, I wanted to visit it in the evening. I thought it would look cooler.

I chose to go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, where you can see a view of Tokyo FOR FREE.

img_4776 img_4783 img_4789


Outside of the building was a flea market. Everything was hecka cheap.

img_4790 img_4798

I then decided to go back to Shibuya and start shopping. This led to me walking around the neighborhoods for hours. Several hours. Too many hours. I even walked all the way to another famous shopping district called Harajuku. Let me tell you . . . there are a lot of stores in this area. But shopping + no money = not too much fun. I walked into several stores, but was disappointed to find that a lot of the stores were places I could find in the U.S. I wanted to find uniquely Japanese stores. I constantly kept getting lost on these streets and underestimated their sizes. By the evening, I was spent.

Not only that, but I hadn’t even bought anything! It was a disappointing shopping day.

When it grew dark, I finally ran into stores that were more my style. Also, pretty stores like this one.


But time was running out and I still couldn’t find anything in these stores that looked good on me. By the end of it all I was so fed up that I walked into a Uniqlo and loaded my backpack up with purchases. Uniqlo is one of my favorite stores, and can be found in Korea. However, because it is a Japanese store, the clothes are cheaper in Tokyo.

I also desperately needed clothes because I hadn’t packed enough, knowing that I wanted to buy clothes in Tokyo.

After spending the rest of my money, I decided it was time to go back to the Shibuya crossing and take some pictures.

Oh, and eat dinner. I finally ate sushi at one of those conveyer belt sushi places. So yummy!


The most famous place to take pictures of the Shibuya crossing is in a Starbucks across the street. This is probably the busiest Starbucks I’ve ever seen. There were people everywhere, and because they are in a prime location, you can only buy a limited selection of drinks in one size.

One guy in front of me acted really snooty about it. He couldn’t believe he couldn’t buy a GRANDE latte.

Thankfully, since it was just me, I found a seat in the perfect location. There was another female traveler next to me and I started a conversation. I discovered she is a makeup artist for one of the bands that was touring in Tokyo for the weekend. How fun!

img_4803 img_4813 img_4817

After I took my picture, I was more than ready to leave the area.

img_4824 img_4825

This evening, I was to stay the night in the airport. I was nervous because I’ve never slept in an airport before, but read that the Tokyo Airport is a good one.

When I first arrived, I went straight to the shower section. For $12, you can freshen up and use their showers for up to an hour. This place was amazing! The showers were nicer than the ones in my hostels and even had a private sink with a huge mirror. I felt refreshed and ready for the night.

Afterwards, I walked around the terminal searching for a place to sleep. Unfortunately for me, everyone else had arrived earlier and found a place. There were no more benches and I set my stuff up on the cold, hard floor. Living in Korea prepared me for this experience, as I’ve slept on the floor numerous times here.

img_4827 img_4828

I only slept for about 3-4 hours before feeling too uncomfortable to sleep anymore. With this, I gathered my enormous backpack and walked around. Oh my lanta is this airport amazing! There were restaurants, museums, and stores of all types. They even had an observatory deck!

img_4833 img_4834 img_4835

Finally, it was time for me to leave dear Tokyo and head back to Korea. What a memorable time indeed!

What do you think?