Tokyo, Japan | Odaiba

We’ve made it to Tokyo and are almost done with these Japan pictures! Woo!

To say I was ready to leave Kyoto is an understatement. Though I loved this beautiful and charming city, I was feeling a bit of a temple/shrine hangover. I needed something new. Tokyo was calling my name.

I bought my train ticket when I first arrived in Kyoto. All I had to do was get on a train whenever I wanted in the day. How nifty!

Thankfully, I got a seat next to the window.


The train ride took a quick 2 hours. I greatly enjoyed watching mountains and green fields pass by me, but when we finally arrived in the city, I was really feeling the love. Immediately, I was reminded of New York. And I LOVE New York.

First off, the train station was beautiful.


I also immediately realized just how big Tokyo is. Walking 1 block took me 10-20 minutes. THAT’S how big the city is. It’s a little overwhelming.

I was also immediately struck with how business-like everything was. Everyone was dressed in suits and pencil skirts, a very different style from the more relaxed atmosphere of Kyoto. But I loved it.

My first order of business was dropping off my backpack at my hostel. I asked for a recommendation of a place to eat lunch and one girl suggested a ramen place nearby. Good enough for me.


I ate some ramen and then did a little bit of walking around the area. There was a very famous temple nearby that was flooded with tourists. But I promise this is the last temple.

img_0780 img_0775 img_0776 img_0781 img_0782 img_0785 img_4569 img_4572 img_0786

I then decided to head out and go to Odaiba. Odaiba is a man made island with tons of really cool shops and places of entertainment [a movie theatre, an indoor amusement park, SO MANY ARCADES, etc.].

Japan is known for anime, and though I’ve only seen 2 animes in my lifetime, I felt like Odaiba was something out of an anime. The ride to the island was also really neat. I felt like I was at Disneyland!

img_4575 img_4579

Very few people were actually in the area and it was kind of spooky. I did some shopping though and walked around the place. Honestly, there was so much to see just by walking around.

img_4580 img_4584 img_4590 img_4592 img_4594 img_4600 img_4601 img_4606 img_4609

One other thing: There were so many of these really cool photo booths EVERYWHERE in Tokyo. I decided to see what the whole fuss was about. I was surprised to find that it’s as if you’re in your own private photoshoot. I mean, this thing is FANCY. Of course, it was all in Japanese so I have a picture of me with my eyes closed because I didn’t know when the machine was going to take my picture. But it was so much fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.img_4610


There was also this really cool guy. And he MOVES. Can you believe it? I was amazed.

img_4619 img_4633

I also ran into a car museum thing and a shopping center that looks like Italy. Go figure.

img_4634 img_4635 img_4638 img_4640 img_4641

This is also nerdy, but I went to the Toyoto center. You can test drive cars and even go on some virtual rides. It was actually really neat. I’m not a car person, but even I had fun.

img_4650 img_4649 img_4646 img_4645 img_4643


They have more exhibits, including a Hell Park and a Ninja Park. I didn’t go into either of them, but I bet they’re just as cheesy as they look!img_4655 img_4661

And I couldn’t resist re-living my childhood by playing these arcade games.

img_4658 img_4662



That evening, I left Odaiba and walked out of one of the random subway stops to find food. I was CRAVING pizza. And since I haven’t had a pepperoni pizza in months, I figured I’d eat this whole thing by myself. I could feel my waiter’s judgment through the kitchen.


After dinner, I did a little more walking near the palace. Even though it was dark, it was full of people running, as there is a park nearby (I think).
img_4667 img_4668

Yes, it is true. I am in love with Tokyo.


What do you think?