Tokyo, Japan | Fish market, Akihabara, Museums

We’re nearing the end of my Japanese adventure and I’ve got to say that it has been delightful sharing it with you. Also, I’m glad I’m doing this because in the future, all I have to do is look back at this blog to be reminded of it! Thanks, technology!

I started my morning off bright and early. I read that if you want to eat sushi at the fish market, you should get there in the morning. I was afraid it’d be super crowded. However, when I arrived, it really wasn’t bad at all. Sure, there were tourists, but it wasn’t crazy packed. In matter of fact, Tokyo just didn’t seem packed in general. I think I was there during the off season though.

img_4670 img_4673

I wasn’t sure which sushi restaurant to go to, but figured that any ol’ joint would do. I ended up choosing some random cool looking place in an alley somewhere. After I took the last seat, a line began forming, making the restaurant look like the place to be.

img_4677 img_4678 img_4679

The sushi was amazing and you could tell that the chefs were legit. I originally wanted to eat sushi at Jiro’s restaurant, but decided against it after I saw the $300 pricetag. This particular sushi restaurant gave me all this sushi for about $20.


One thing about Japanese sushi is that it is THICK. Like, you’re practically eating a fish straight out of the ocean. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was about 8 in the morning, or the fact that I kept thinking of all the fish around me getting cut up, but I all of a sudden started feeling SUPER sick. Like, I was ready to run out of the restaurant. This did no good for my nerves and I had a minor anxiety attack that nobody seemed to notice (thank God). I sat there and ate my sushi extremely slow, and wasn’t able to finish the entire thing.

This minor freak out was a little disappointing, as eating sushi at the fish market was one of my top things to do in Tokyo. But, I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. There were also other vendors selling different types of fish.

img_4683 img_4685

After eating my breakfast, I stopped at a coffee shop for some tea to calm my morning sickness. Then, I got on the subway and went to the Yasukuni Shrine. This shrine is controversial because it is in honor of those men who died in World War II. Many people consider some of these men “war criminals.” The shrine also houses a museum.

I wasn’t in the mood for a museum at that moment, and simply walked around the grounds for a bit. It was also sprinkling all day, which is why I didn’t take a lot of pictures with my fancy DSLR.

img_4688 img_4690 img_4692 img_4693 img_4695

Finally, after eating a quick crepe snack, I started my museum journey.


In Tokyo, there is a section full of different types of museums within a short walk from each other. My first stop was meant to be at the Museum of Western Art, but I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up at a different art museum.

img_4698 img_4701 img_4703 img_4704 img_4707 img_4709 img_4710

By the time I left the museum, the rain started pouring and I had to buy an umbrella. I was also getting hungry for lunch, but after walking around for a while, figured that I wasn’t going to find anything and I’d just eat at the Tokyo National Museum. This was a huge mistake. The food looked so awful and plain at the museum that I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it. I wasn’t that hungry.

Walking around a huge museum isn’t the greatest when you’re hungry, but I persevered and managed to enjoy myself as much as possible. There was so much to see! I especially liked the mummy.

img_4714 img_4715 img_4718 img_4721 img_4722

And this is the part where I got lost for nearly 2 hours trying to find a place to eat.

That’s right. I finally got lost, folks. Sure, I had Internet. Sure, I could’ve just looked up a restaurant on my little phone, but where’s the fun in that?

I wanted to walk in the rain with my umbrella and find the perfect restaurant. I kept walking by restaurants but none of them look appetizing. So there I was. Just walking. And walking. And walking. I walked right next to the Tokyo Zoo and saw some animals. And this weird poster. I even walked to another shrine on accident.

img_4723 img_4725

The coolest part of my walking adventure was when I walked through a beautiful park. By this time, I was so annoyed that I did indeed open my phone to see where I could walk to find a restaurant. But I was so confused because though the rain had cleared out, nobody was playing at the park. I looked up from my phone and all of a sudden, dozens of people (mostly men) rushed past me. I mean, not even dozens. There were probably hundreds of people in this park. Just walking and not talking. It was super bizarre and I felt like I was in a weird sci-fi film.

That’s when I realized they were all playing Pokemon Go. People should not be messed with when playing this game.

img_4729 img_4731 img_4734 img_4735

The park was neat and I’m glad I got lost in it. I finally found a place to eat and to be honest, I don’t even remember what that place was. It must’ve not been exciting.

When my stomach was finally full, I felt ready to seize the rest of the afternoon, though it was almost dinnertime. I thought about going to Tokyo Tower, and even nearly arrived at it, when I decided to turn back.


The reason for this is that I really needed to save money. Turns out, Japan is expensive.

So I made a last-minute decision and found myself in Akihabara, the anime section of Tokyo. I had originally planned on visiting this location on my last day, but figured what the heck. Might as well get it out of the way.

Boy, was I in for a treat! Thankfully, I arrived before everything closed. Though Japan is modern, I was surprised to find that many stores close early. Not as early as in Kyoto, but still early to where you’re like WHATTT. I think I’ve just been spoiled by Korean hours though. Stores here are open to 11 or midnight.

Akihabara ended up being one of my favorite places in Tokyo. I’m not the biggest fan of anime, but simply walking around the neighborhoods and stores is enough to capture your attention. But the weirdest part to me was how kinky everything was. Maybe it’s just because I went at night though. I don’t know. It’s just . . . I’ve never seen so many nude anime characters in my life.

img_4747 img_4748 img_4752

I also had SO MUCH FUN in the arcades. I have grown to love Japanese arcades. I even got in a pod myself and failed miserably at some sort of shooting game.


People are not kidding when they say Japan is where all the gamers go. It was gamer heaven. And the funniest part to me was how all the men in these arcades look like they’ve just come from an office building. They were all in suits, sucked into their games. I also thought it was funny to walk into these arcades and be the only girl. Of course, these men were so involved in their games nobody made me feel out of place with their stares (thankfully).

I also stepped inside a casino and tried my hand at some random coin game. I didn’t pay any money to play it. Instead, I found a free coin on a machine and tried my luck. I can see why these games get addicting because right away I almost won!

There was even an air shower in this casino. This is how extreme they are with their games. They need a shower to refresh them IN THE CASINO.


What do you think?