Bukchon Hanok Village/Some thoughts from Korea

Well, I did  it. I made it to Korea. Oh, how time flies. I have about a million things I could say but instead of saying all them, I’m just going to post some pictures. A few things I’d like … Continue reading

Thoughts from Disneyland

My bags are packed and all the things on my to-do list are crossed off. This can only mean one thing: I am ready to move to South Korea. This past week, I went to Southern California for a family … Continue reading

Moving to South Korea

In case you didn’t know, I am moving! What?! Crazy right? I can barely believe it. Actually, I really cannot believe it. It hasn’t hit me yet. A few months ago, I received a job at a middle/high school on an … Continue reading

Albuquerque Zoo & Etc.

One of my best friends and I got to hang out last weekend! Woohoo for friends! We saw Tim McGraw (and of course I forgot my phone) and went to the zoo and ate lots of good food. Traveling is … Continue reading

Nixon Library & Museum

Nixon Library & Museum

Hello friends! I just got back from a nice week and a half vacation to California. As usual, I took a ton of pictures. That seems odd considering how I’ve been to California a lot of times so I thought … Continue reading