What is real strength? The answer might surprise you.

I am quite the fan of The Walking Dead. A bunch of people who face drama while killing zombies? I’m totally there. I’m TIVOing that shiz. I’m googling the characters. I’m making Rick Grimes the wallpaper on my phone’s lock screen. … Continue reading

The Thief of Joy

I’m a really good stalker. Now, before I go any further, get off your high horse and stop putting your nose in the air. YOU TOTALLY STALK PEOPLE TOO. It’s all too easy these days with facebook, twitter, instagram, vine, exchangeagram, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, I’m really good at going on the downward spiral of stalking someone I barely know. It’s not necessarily because I’m obsessed with them, it’s just that I’m really interested in looking at other people’s lives.

The problem is, when I stalk people I usually feel crap about myself. These people are doing awesome things in their awesome places with awesome people. And I feel like I am most of the time too. I mean, I have a lovely job, and am happy the majority of the time. But the instant I start looking at other people’s lives, something happens . . . I’m not too happy anymore. I compare myself to them. I start thinking, “This person is so confident in their walk with the Lord! I should be that way!” “This person is writing a book! I need to finish mine too!” “This person is always in a relationship! I should be in a relationship too!”

Instead of looking at the path God has put me on, I look at the paths other people are on. I stop enjoying my life because I want another person’s life. I want what they have. Me. Me. Me.


Not only is coveting what other people have a sin, but it’s a sucky one too. It’s an unenjoyable sin. It’s one of those sins where you wonder why anyone would do it. Comparing your life with other people’s lives sucks. And it robs us of joy. Comparison is a thief we open the door to. We let him walk right in with his weapons and tell him to take what he wants. And he does. He robs our joy freely.

There is a reason God has not opened certain doors for me that He’s opened for others. There is a reason I haven’t had a million boyfriends. There is a reason I’m not living somewhere else. God knows what’s good for me. But most of all, He knows what’s going to glorify HIS name the most. Because life isn’t about us in the first place. We have the honor of being guided by a Lord who knows all.

So why do I compare myself to other people? I think I’d like to stop it. I really think that’d be superb.

Instead of opening the door to the thief, it’s time lock the doors and put on the alarm. If all else fails, we have a weapon called “The Word” that even the thief is afraid of.



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