San Francisco, CA

This was my second time in San Francisco, and I think I liked it just the same as the first time. It’s the perfect size for a city. It’s full of things to do, but still small enough that I never felt overwhelmed. Oh, and you can’t forget the delicious food. I’m pretty sure my family and I spent the majority of our time looking for places to eat.

We originally wanted to spend 2 days there, but because we spent so much time driving up the coast, our time was shortened to a day and a half. Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to go back 🙂

This is the game that Mia plays in “The Princess Diaries.” So cool to me!

Other games were not so innocent.

These are the houses that are in the intro to “Full House,” one of my favorite TV shows.

And of course Alcatraz. So sad that we didn’t get to tour it, as I’m kind of obsessed with old prisons, but there’s always next time!

What do you think?