Saigon, Vietnam

My last Vietnam post! Yay! I for one am happy I made it this far.

Instead of taking a 12-hour bus to Saigon, my friend and I decided to take a plane. It only cost $30 for a ticket!

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) was almost immediately hotter than any of the other places we visited in Vietnam. I was so happy to be in the heat!

Our first stop upon arriving was lunch. We chose to eat at the Lunch Lady, which is where Anthony Bourdain supposedly ate. I gotta say . . . the food was amazing.

We then took an uber to the palace. This is where the Vietnam war ended.

A block down was a beautiful cathedral and post office.

In the evening, we got some drinks at our hostel and then headed out on the town with some other backpackers. The backpacker street was crazy! And actually kind of sketchy. There was a ton of prostitution going on there and it made me sad.

The next day, I headed by myself to the War Remnants Museum. This place was only a 30 minute walk from the hostel. However, it was hecka hot and by the end, I was sweating bullets.

After the museum, I ate lunch with a nice girl I met at the museum. She thought I spoke Spanish and started a conversation with me. It was unfortunate that I let her down, but she was still cool. We ended up splitting up and I met up with my friend back at the hostel. We then went on the Cu Chi Tunnel tour. It took us nearly an hour or 2 to get there. As you can see, traffic is crazy in Saigon!

We also made a stop at a factory that hires disabled workers to make art. 

The Cu Chi Tunnels were fascinating! We learned a lot about the war against the U.S. and saw some of the traps that the Vietnamese made. It was actually a little bit weird for me because the U.S. was the enemy in the war. Seeing all these traps that killed Americans was really dark.

I was terrified going into the actual tunnels. Thankfully, there was a spot at the beginning for some people to get out. Otherwise, I might’ve had a full-blown panic attack.

Overall, Saigon was really quite fun! I liked it better than Hanoi, but I still think the beauty of Vietnam is worth seeing so much more.

What do you think?