Osaka, Japan | My first solo trip

Hey friends!

I just came back from my first ever solo trip! My location? Japan. You know those people who are super into Japan and they’ve wanted to travel there since elementary school? Yeah, I’ve never been that person. I never had a desire to visit Japan, but since it’s SO CLOSE to Korea, I figured that I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to travel there. I mean, really. When else will I be this close to Japan?

Anyways, the country absolutely blew me out of the water. I LOVE Japan now. It’s such an amazing country. Japan is the cool younger brother that effortlessly knows style. In a lot of countries, I get the vibe that they’re trying to BE what tourists expect of them. But with Japan, it just felt like they were themselves and they just so happen to be super cool.

I could gush on and on about this, but instead of doing that, I’m going to show you all some pictures and share with you a little bit about my adventure.

Starting with . . . Osaka.

I wasn’t super excited to visit Osaka, as I’ve heard that its nearby neighbor, Kyoto, is actually so much cooler. I planned on doing a ton of things upon arriving in Osaka, but completely underestimated how long it would take me to get out of the airport. I think I was in that airport for a good 3 hours, which was a complete waste of time.

I also got super confused because of the subway system. This all worked out okay though because I happened to meet 3 other travelers on the subway, who were also a little bit lost. We found out we were all headed in the same direction and decided to travel together.

But first? Lunch!

img_4035 img_4071


We then headed to Osaka castle together. The outside was fairly nice, but it was SO crowded. And hot. This combination makes things feel a little messy.

img_4041 img_4050 img_9935-2 img_9940-2 img_9941-2 img_9949-2 img_9956-2 img_9962-2 img_9965-2 img_9970-2 img_9973-2 img_9975-2

The top had a nice view though.

img_9979-2 img_9981-2 img_9985-2

By the time we finished with the castle, our little group decided to head in separate directions. I originally planned on touring another area, but since it was getting late and my hostel was SUPER far away, I decided to also head out.

It’s a shame my hostel was so far away. I mean, it was cool that it was next to the ocean, but it was only next to the ocean. I had to walk about 20 minutes just to eat a luxurious dinner at a convenience store.

img_4062 img_4066

And thus ended my very short day in Osaka. Glamorous, I know.

What do you think?