Nixon Library & Museum

Hello friends!

I just got back from a nice week and a half vacation to California. As usual, I took a ton of pictures. That seems odd considering how I’ve been to California a lot of times so I thought I took only a few. Imagine my surprise when I realized I took 300 pictures. Whoops.

As to not overwhelm you, I’m going to do what I did with my Chicago trip and upload the pictures in installments.

Even though I’ve been to California a lot and even used to live there, it was my first time visiting the Nixon Library & Museum. The place is full of history and is a wonderful place to learn. I knew very little about the former President before visiting the place, and now I feel like I know a little too much. What an interesting life he had! I highly recommend anyone who is interested in history to visit the museum.

Also, my family and I didn’t realize we were visiting the museum the day before Nixon resigned from his Presidency years ago. We were even interviewed by a reporter for CBS about it! How fun!

You can even visit the home he grew up in!


What do you think?