Moving to South Korea

In case you didn’t know, I am moving!

What?! Crazy right? I can barely believe it. Actually, I really cannot believe it. It hasn’t hit me yet.

A few months ago, I received a job at a middle/high school on an island called Daebu. Daebu has a population of 7,000 people. That’s right. I’m moving from the desert to an island. God is LITERALLY taking me out of the desert to literal green pastures. As a self-professed city girl, I’m just scared that I’ll go crazy with cabin fever in such a small town.

I kind of feel bad because everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited and all I can honestly say is “no.” I don’t feel anything because if I feel anything it’s anxiety. Why?

I am moving to South Korea — an unfamiliar place where I don’t know the language or customs.

I am going to be teaching English — a subject I’ve never taught before.

I am going to be living alone — something I’ve never done before.

There are so many reasons for me to freak out. I am going into a brand new season of life full of questions that I would like answers to. Who will I become? Where will I be in a year? What will I do with my life after this? Will I hate it?

Though I’ve done lots of wonderful things in my life, I very much feel as though it was all preparation for growing up. Now, it is time to do the things I’ve been dreaming about. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone. It’s time to stop dreaming and time to start taking action.

For these things, I am excited. I cannot wait to see where I will be in a year…who I will be. I cannot wait to see where God is going to take me. I put my life in His hands several years ago and now we’re going on an adventure.

Let’s do this!


What do you think?