Life Update: Oklahoma and turning 27

Hi friends.

What is going on in my life? Well, here’s a list:

  • I am now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • I teach 7th grade English.
  • I live with 3 other roommates in a nice house near my school.
  • I am (still) single.
  • I turned 27 a few weeks ago.

So much has changed this year. It’s hard to believe that I was living in Korea at the beginning of the year, traveling on a bus to Seoul every weekend. Life has moved by so quickly. I’ve met hundreds of people. I’ve not only changed jobs, but my entire life. I’m living in a new city, making new friends, working at a new job, and going to a new church.

Do you remember when I used to work for 10 hours at a school every week? Man, those were THE DAYS. So relaxing. Now that I work 6 days a week, I keep reminding myself that I chose this new life. I chose to teach in America with Teach for America.

Ever since I got to Oklahoma, it seems like I haven’t had a second to just slow down. Teaching in America is NOTHING like teaching in Korea. I mean, kids are definitely kids everywhere, but it’s definitely a whole other ballgame here. When I first started my job, I was terrified of having to use consequences on students (something I rarely ever used in Korea). Now, I almost don’t even think twice about it. I send kids out of my room on the regular.

I even cried in front of my class last week.

It’s been tough. Real tough.

But as a teacher, you don’t have much time to stop and reflect on your life. And lately, for the past 5 months, I haven’t even felt much like myself. I haven’t written much. I have barely had time to film things. I barely play music or pursue artistic talents.

I come home and sleep. Maybe if I have the time I read.

But today I miss my old self. My 26 year-old self that knew she needed to write to prove to herself that she was alive. So today I’m writing.

I don’t have much to say except that I hope you follow along somewhere along the way. I want to look back at this site and read about my life. I want to say, “Wow. I remember that.” I want to leave something.

And maybe you can remember something about your life too. Maybe you miss your old self. Maybe you need to do something to bring yourself back to life again.

So let’s do it together.


Here’s to 27 and thanking God that I’m not as naive as I was in my younger 20’s. Here’s to thanking God that when I was 24, I had the courage to change something else in my life by moving abroad. Maybe one day I’ll be happy that at 26, I had the courage to change things again by pursuing a teaching position in Oklahoma. Change is wonderful. 

Here’s to changes. May we always be changing.



What do you think?