Hue & Nighttime in Hoi An

My friend and I debated as to whether or not we should take a day trip to Hue, but instead chose to skip out and head straight towards Hoi An. Fortunately for us, our bus stopped for a good 5 hours in Hue, giving us enough time to see the main sights! It was a nice little surprise!

The bus from Hue to Hoi An only stopped a couple more times to let people off and walk. This view was at our rest stop:

We arrived in Hoi An in the evening time and didn’t book any rooms prior to arriving. When we got off the bus, a lady offered us a beautiful hotel room that would only cost us around $6! I don’t know why we said “no” but we did. Instead, we walked tiredly through the town looking for a place to stay. There weren’t a ton of hostels near the bus stop, and it took us nearly 30 minutes to finally find a hostel.

Our hostel did give us a free drink and free dinner when we arrived though. Compared to the other hostels we stayed at, this one was relatively chill. There weren’t a lot of people roaming the lobby, and our bedroom was hecka nice! We practically had the entire thing to ourselves. I was also happy that we had our own bathroom. Also, they kindly offered me this chicken’s foot to eat. Maybe not my favorite food.

After eating, we walked around the main square. I immediately fell in love with the city. It felt like Disneyland!

After a nearly 10 hour bus ride, Becca and I weren’t too keen on going out. However, we ran into some people we met at the hostel and they convinced us to stop at a bar/club to hang. To be honest, I was ready to get out. I needed to stretch my legs and dancing did just the thing!

What do you think?