Hoi An (Cooking Class & Marble Mountain Caves)

Becca and I both really wanted to go to a cooking class while in Vietnam. She found a nice one online called Red Bridge. I did enjoy my cooking class in Thailand, so I was excited to try another one. Well, this cooking class was a whole lot different, but way more relaxing. We started off by going to the market with our guide, who showed us all the veggies and stuff we were going to use. We even went to an organic farm! It was also very lovely outside, which was a much needed break from the gloomy weather.

The actual class took place at a supposedly famous restaurant. It was classy, much classier than the class I attended in Thailand. There was even a pool we could swim in!

I thought the class was less hands-on than the one in Thailand, but the food was better. We even made noodles for pho!

Afterwards, we took a boat ride back to the main centre.

When we arrived at the main centre, Becca wanted to get a dress custom made. Hoi An is famous for this. Unfortunately for me, I was running low on money and couldn’t partake in the festivities, but it was still cool! I felt like I was in the TV show Velvet.

That night, we saw a water puppet show, which is apparently unique to Vietnam. The show was better than what I thought it’d be.

The next day, we took it slowly. I think we were both a little tired and burnt out from constantly being on the go. Hoi An was the perfect place for us to chill.

For our last and final day in Hoi An, we took a slow morning walking around the city centre. Becca also had to go back to the dress place for a final fitting.

Afterwards, we rented a motorbike and headed to Marble Mountain in Da Nang. Marble Mountain is about 45 minutes-1 hour away from Hoi An. I was a little nervous being on the back of a motorbike in such a crowded place, but it was okay.

Marble Mountain itself was REALLY COOL. This was probably one of the coolest temples I’ve ever visited. All of these temples are inside the caves. How neat is that? I felt like I was in Indiana Jones.

The last place we hit up before leaving was a special cave called Hell’s Cave. This cave is literally themed like hell. I’m not even joking. We had no idea this was the case until walking into it. It was very . . . different.

I thought it was interesting, but I could see how people would be scared of it. You’re literally underground like you’re going through hell. It was a little spooky.

After our cave adventures, I drank my first ever coconut drink from a real coconut. It was so refreshing, especially since walking up those mountains was hecka hot and tiring.

We rode back to the Hoi An, where we finished our time by watching a beautiful sunset and having dinner on a boat!

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