Chiang Mai: Elephants, Cooking Class, Night Market

Day 2 of my Thailand adventure with G Adventures began on a train. I actually slept quite well on the train. Maybe it’s because the movements rocked me to sleep. But whatever the reason, we arrived in Chiang Mai bright and early around 6:30 am.

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The instant we got off the train, our tour guide led us to a restaurant to have breakfast. Because I’m sort of cheap, I just got some delicious street food while everyone sat in the restaurant and ordered their eggs and toast.


When everyone finished eating, we arrived at our super nice hotel and got ready for the day. I also headed by myself to a nice cafe nearby and had the most delicious pastry. I thought there would be more coffee shops in Thailand, so finding one was a real treat for me. I also met a nice Thai couple who talked to me about the area. People are so friendly here!

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Our first stop on our tour of Chiang Mai was an elephant riding place. Honestly, I was SUPER disappointed in this place. Our guide lied to us and said that we were going to a place where they cared for the elephants and let them roam free. He said the elephants LIKED having people ride on them. But the instant we arrived at the place, I knew we had been deceived.

The elephants were chained up. Some had sores and were bleeding. One guide had a whip. Several “rebel” elephants were chained alone in the back and we weren’t allowed to go to them. Of course, I went to them anyways and then got some angry Thai man telling me that I wasn’t supposed to be so close to them.

It was really, very sad.

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I chose not to ride the elephants, but I did get some pictures of the situation. I also fed the elephants. I didn’t realize we were supposed to feed them through their noses and at the beginning, was putting food straight into their mouths. One of the elephants almost ate my hand! In matter of fact, my hand got stuck in its mouth for a good 2 seconds. Scary!

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The elephants also walked over to a river where you could “bathe” them. This seemed to be the most enjoyable situation for them. They liked the water.

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After our elephant experience, we ate a delicious lunch offered by the company. All the fruits there seemed so fresh!

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We didn’t get back to our hotel until around 4 pm, in which we all quickly showered before going out on the town more.

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With some time to kill, some friends and I decided to get a massage. I ended up at a slightly sketchy place with one of the girls in my group. This was to be my first (and last) Thai massage. I almost cried during it because of the pain. My masseuse merely laughed at me. What an experience!


After the massage. Nice and relaxed. Well, sort of.

After the massage. Nice and relaxed. Well, sort of.


I signed up for a cooking class. Can you believe it? Me? Cooking?

Funnily enough, this was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip! Our teacher was helpful and the recipes were practically foolproof. Our group got to pick 4 courses to make. By the end, we were full to the brim. But the food was delicious! I can now make Pad Thai and Green Curry and Spring Rolls.

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After cooking, we met up with the rest of our group at a night market. This place was really fascinating! There were so many things to buy and everything was incredibly inexpensive. I was tempted to buy everything, but merely opted for some souvenirs for family and a dress.

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We also ran into some ladyboys. I was surprised at how made up they were! Their make-up looks better than mine.


What do you think?