Back in America | An Update


I am in America!

Well, I’m in Hawaii so it’s kind of like I’m still overseas, but it’s America all the same. There are shopping centers here. Lots of shopping centers. People eat with forks and knives. Obesity is rampant. And everyone speaks English. Well, nearly everyone.

I’ll be honest — the first moment I arrived, I was surprised to find that I missed Korea. In matter of fact, I’ve only just started getting excited about living in the USA for the next 2 years. And even then, I’m not sure if I’m excited or just plain scared. Living in Oklahoma is such a different scene from the usual hustle and bustle of Seoul. In Korea, I was always busy on the weekends with friends. Being out and active was my regular life. And when you live abroad, everything is an adventure. Even going to the supermarket is exciting.

America is comfortable. Everything is so nice here. Like, way too nice. And clean. I feel like people in America care so much about being and looking clean.

It is nice being back home though because I am starting to see how much I’ve changed and grown. I am no longer afraid of going out alone. Living alone for a year and half became my norm. I’m also super excited to meet people now. Before, I was always shy and scared of talking to people. I thought that because I wasn’t going to stay in America, there was no point in getting to know people. But now I am SO excited to meet people, even if it’s just for a few hours. When you live in another country, you become used to the constant influx of expats coming in and out of your life. It’s common to get close to someone for a day and then never see them again.

I’m also just plain excited to talk to old friends and family. I’m excited to share with them my stories of living abroad. I’m excited to go out and explore parts of America I’ve never seen. I already have so many road trips planned!

I do find myself missing my friends in Korea though. I even miss things I never thought I’d miss, like reading and hearing Korean. Even though I didn’t understand the language entirely, I liked listening to another language.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share a little bit of how I’m doing here in the States. It definitely feels weird, like I’m sleepwalking or something. I don’t think my mind has quite caught up to what is happening. I am also so fascinated with American food. Supermarkets are exciting!

I’ve just started to accept the fact that change is beginning in my life. It’s everywhere. Not only have I grown up, but so have my friends here in the States. Adulthood feels weird.

I’ll definitely keep you all updated about how I’m doing. But for now, I’m on my way to Los Angeles, CA! I can’t wait to share my trip to Hawaii with you all though! You better believe I did a lot of filming on this beautiful island.


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