A Day in Marfa, Texas

Sometimes you just need to get out of town. When you live in El Paso, there aren’t many places to visit other than Las Cruces and Juarez, Mexico. However, only about 3 hours away is a little town called Marfa. I heard about Marfa in social media posts from people and was curious to see what the big deal was.

The town is literally in the middle of nowhere and you have to get off the main highway to drive to it. I think that just makes it even more magical though. On the way, I had to stop at the Prada Marfa building, which is a bit iconic.

As you may notice, it’s literally out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know what I was expecting.

We made it to the town, which is incredibly small. The whole time, I felt like I was in one of those old movies where the main characters live in a one-horse town. I loved it.

My dad and I stopped for lunch at Food Shark. It’s just a house off the highway with a truck in front of it. It was packed though! It felt so bizarre to be in this random Texas town with so many hipsters.

After lunch, my dad and I went to the Chinati Foundation Museum. I read somewhere that a famous minimalist artist named Donald Judd lived in Marfa. This museum houses his minimalist artwork.

The museum is an old military barracks. How cool is that?! The curators told us that it actually housed German World War 2 prisoners too! The main building was beautiful and I could only imagine the kind of history housed in there. We couldn’t take pictures inside the main building, but the artwork was basically a bunch of metal boxes with different designs. Another Judd display.

Across the street from the museum was a really beautiful old house and I couldn’t help but stop and see it up close.

My dad told me that we were nearby a neat hotel called El Cosmico. We decided to take the short drive to it. It was super hot by this time though so I was just dying to buy some water. This hotel is really unique because instead of your basic rooms, you can stay in trailers, teepees, or tents right out there in the middle of the desert!

The only place left for us to see was downtown. Thankfully, downtown is charming. Our first stop was the Marfa Book Company. This is attached to the hip Saint George Hotel. At the bookstore, you can even buy art from local artists!

Our next stop was another free museum that is part of the Chinati Foundation. It felt a little creepy because there was nobody there.

We then stumbled upon The Hotel Paisano. This hotel is GORGEOUS and is famous because it was the hotel for the movie Giant. Apparently this movie made Marfa famous. I’m telling you, this place FEELS like you’re in an old movie.

By this time, there only seemed one other place left to explore on the road — the Courthouse. I know it sounds weird, but this place was really lovely! I felt like I was in the past. You can even go to the top for free and check out a view of the town!

It only took us about 3 hours to explore the entire city, but I was positively charmed by Marfa! It really does give one the impression that they’ve just stepped into the The Twilight Zone.

P.S. Here’s a little video of my trip:

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