4 Festivals in 2 Days

I hadn’t planned on going to the Jinju Lantern Festival. Actually, I had planned on going camping a couple of weeks ago. But when a friend of mine told me she was thinking of going to the festival, I hopped on the bus and signed up.

Life is more fun when you say “yes” to the unplanned anyways.

This past weekend was another holiday in Korea. I had Friday and Monday off, which of course I knew I had to utilize to my advantage. So on Thursday night, I hopped on a bus to Jinju.

There are so many tour groups in Korea and I want to try all of them. This particular tour group was Seoul Hiking. They are super laid back and run by an enthusiastic guy named Warren. Honestly, he’s more like a tourist than a tour guide which is quite interesting. He’s amazed at all of the events just as much as us foreigners.



We arrived at Jinju Island around 6 in the morning. Tired and exhausted, Warren told us to step off the bus. Nobody really knew what was happening or where we were, but we explored anyways.

I also walked around a bit and found this incredible view of the ocean. I mean, it was absolutely stunning because I literally had no idea where I was. One moment I was looking at the trees, and the next . . . BAM! The ocean in a foggy splendor.

IMG_7649 IMG_7650 IMG_7638 IMG_7633 IMG_7632

There was also an empty amusement park that reeked of creepiness. Seriously. It was kind of cool exploring it though.

IMG_7648 IMG_7647 IMG_7646 IMG_7645 IMG_7642 IMG_7635

Afterwards, we headed to the festival grounds. I was originally going to go hiking with some people, but got sidetracked and had coffee with some others instead. Everyone was so tired that the majority of everyone went to a jinjibang and slept.

I eventually split off from the coffee group and tried to find my friends. I got SO lost. But I kept telling myself to just enjoy the scenery. I even stopped inside the Silk Festival.

IMG_7702 IMG_7701



When I made it to my friends, the party had already started. There were lots of vendors and concerts. I also ran into the K Drama Festival! There were some pretty famous K Drama stars on the red carpet, which was super fun to watch. Everyone kept screaming and one girl even cried. I just wanted to see if my favorite Korean actor was going to show up. Sadly, he was a no show.



IMG_7714 IMG_7730 IMG_7704 IMG_7689 IMG_7692 IMG_7687 IMG_7682 IMG_7679 IMG_7693 IMG_7659 IMG_7662 IMG_7668 IMG_7672 IMG_7674 IMG_7658 IMG_7656 IMG_7654

After yelling at Korean celebrities, we walked around the festival more and ate lots of street food and saw lots of sights. I have had so many different types of food here. Usually, I don’t even know what I’m eating. I just eat.

IMG_7740 IMG_7742 IMG_7745

The lanterns were beautiful. But also . . . there were SO many people. I probably stepped on so many people’s shoes.

IMG_7749 IMG_7767 IMG_7770

The fireworks at the festival were especially beautiful. I was floored by it all. I had a perfect view, and it seemed like the fireworks were right on top of us.

IMG_7788 IMG_7787

After the fireworks, we walked around the lanterns a bit more and ended up in a museum. It was nothing special, but I will never forget the smell. Everyone and their mama used that museum bathroom and you could smell it throughout the ENTIRE museum.

IMG_7791 IMG_7793

We also saw a small part of a play (that was in Korean) before going back to the bus and driving to Namhae.



I slept so well that night. And in the morning, we had a small breakfast before heading off the beach right next to the pension we slept in. The weather was too perfect.

IMG_7805 IMG_7807 IMG_7813 IMG_7826 IMG_7832

There was no time for swimming, as a few of us headed to the next festival — Oktoberfest.

Did you know there is a German village in Korea? Because I had NO IDEA. It’s so incredibly beautiful and random and just so very Korean. I had no expectations before I came to Korea so everything is surprising to me. But a German village? Yeah. Maybe a little too surprising.

IMG_7840 IMG_7838 IMG_7841IMG_7858 IMG_7859

There wasn’t too much going on at Oktoberfest except for a few random activities thrown in here and there. Also, the food was WAY expensive. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a German bakery, which is what I was really craving. We did however run into a parade.

IMG_7844 IMG_7845 IMG_7850 IMG_7866 IMG_7871 IMG_7875

Later on in the day, we found a spot in the very front. If you want to get on TV in Korea there are 3 things you need to do:

  1. Be foreign
  2. Sit in the front or near the front
  3. Dance/Move/Breathe

It was so funny to me that they put so many foreigners on the Oktoberfest screen. Of course, we were also probably one of the only ones dancing.

IMG_7881 IMG_7887

During the salsa dancing, the perfect weather turned into crazy and it started pouring rain. I went underneath a table for cover and others followed.

IMG_7891 IMG_7894

After the rain

After the rain

When the rain started to slow down, there was also an Austrian performance, K-Pop performance by some random group and a DJ. I danced only for a bit as I was tired from all the other events. At one point, I even went off by myself and walked around the village. It was nice and calm compared to all the festivities.




The last day of the trip was surprisingly amazing. We started it by going on a sunrise hike, though we actually missed the sunrise. I cannot believe how many mountains I have climbed here. I had no idea I liked hiking so much!

IMG_7923 IMG_7925 IMG_7934 IMG_7937 IMG_7949 IMG_7951 IMG_7953

Does this not look like Lord of the Rings?

Does this not look like Lord of the Rings?

IMG_7957 IMG_7965 IMG_7966 IMG_7967 IMG_7971 IMG_7975 IMG_7983

After hiking, about half of our group went sea kayaking. It was my first time kayaking on the ocean and I have got to say that the waves made it pretty hard. Towards the end, I kept thinking we were getting closer to shore only to realize we had a long way to go. My kayak partner was the best though, and we screamed out Disney songs during our kayaking. The water was also super warm and most everyone went swimming. Sadly, I have no pictures from the kayaking but trust me . . . it was great.

IMG_7987 IMG_7988

We ate a little bit of lunch afterwards before heading back to Seoul. I didn’t make it in time for my bus and stayed the night at a friend’s apartment.


The next morning, I woke up bright and early to head back to Daebu. It took forever and a day. I must’ve looked crazy wearing my dirty clothes from the night before with unbrushed hair. But when I finally made it home, I wanted to kiss my beautiful bed. You better believe I took a nap.

Around noon, I met up with a girl who also lives on the island and she showed me the sights. I had no idea the island was so beautiful! And to think I am only living about 10 minutes away from all this! What a great metaphor for life. We think we know everything but the instant we step outside of the box, we can see that there is so much more!

IMG_7998 IMG_8001 IMG_8011 IMG_8008 IMG_8006 IMG_8004 IMG_8003

After walking for a bit, I went back to my room and pretty much just chilled the entire rest of the day. I have been going and going since I got to Korea. It’s been difficult for me to find a moment to rest because I just want to do ALL of the things. However, I think I’m going to start taking it slower these months, especially since it’s getting colder.

I don’t know how, but Korea just got really cold all of a sudden. And if it’s only October, I don’t even want to think about January.

Lord, help me.



What do you think?