3 Weeks in Korea | Gyeongbokgung Palace

THREE WEEKS. That is almost a month. I have been in Korea for almost a month. Woah. People were right in saying that times flies quickly here. Lots of people say they’re going to do things and go places only to look back and see all of their time has gone. As they say . . . “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” Or something like that.

This past week was a fun one! Classes went well and I’m getting the hang of making lessons. I’m actually pretty caught up right now, which is why I can spend time blogging and searching trips I want to go on. I’ll probably finish some of next week’s lessons later today. Tuesdays are the best. For real. I only have 1 class and for the next few weeks, I won’t have any classes on Tuesdays! And they’re paying me for this? Heck yes!

On Friday, I decided to stay in my apartment and watch a movie. There are so many TV shows and movies to catch up on! I’m not sure I ever will. It was nice staying in though. And I also like how cheap it is to not go anywhere haha

On Saturday, I met up with a girl I was introduced to via Facebook. We went to the Latin American Festival in Seoul, which I heard about through a meetup online. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the meetup, but it was still nice to hang out with her. The festival was super small and super crowded with foreigners. The taco tent seemed to be especially popular. I opted for Peruvian food.




We left after about 30 minutes and headed over to Hongdae. Hongdae is a super hip area full of restaurants and shops. There were multiple cat cafes in this area alone. I personally want to find the puppy and sheep cafes.




Of course I walked into a store and bought something. The clothes here can be super cheap! It doesn’t help that the clothes are also adorable.

After wandering through Hongdae, we went to a friend’s goodbye party. The goodbye party was actually for the teacher I’m replacing. She invited me before I came to Korea so I could meet some other teachers. What a gem! Anyways, the restaurant was super fancy and I ate some delicious mac-and-cheese with chicken. Yum. Afterwards, we headed to Mike’s Cabin, which is a bar/club thing. We danced for quite a while before heading out.


The girl I met through Facebook

Since I knew I wasn’t going to catch the last bus home, I decided to stay the night in Seoul. I’m telling you . . . living far away from everyone is kind of a bummer. It can also be expensive on the weekends.

In the morning, I went to an English church called Jubilee. Before I came to Korea, a lady from my church put me in contact with another girl who was going to teach in Korea. She invited me to Jubilee. I really enjoyed the service. The pastor was funny and he talked about the woman at the well — one of my favorite bible stories. The worship was also simple, but engaging.

I really want to connect with a community of Christians. I really hope I can find this community at Jubilee, but of course we’ll see. Sometimes it can suck being the new face in town when everyone has already formed their friendship groups.


We met at church and then ended up here.

After church, I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace with a couple of girls. The palace was ENORMOUS. I cannot believe I thought we’d see all of it. I’m planning on going back by myself in the future just so I can walk around and go to the museums at the palace and take some pictures with my nice camera.




The cutest tour guide ever




Security cameras probably aren’t historically accurate





The 2 girls I went exploring with


So that’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’ve definitely met lots of people and am beginning to make friends, which is important to me. There is just too much to do here! I’ve already booked my next few weekends with activities! Yikes.



What do you think?